• single seater sofa 單人梳化: 81X70X62.5 cm (WXDXH)
  • coffee table 茶几: 100X60X45 cm (WXDXH) can be added for HKD 759 需另加港幣759
  • Aluminium frame with brushed finished for stainless steel feeling without the risk of rust on steel 磨砂鋁架做成不銹鋼質感,卻不需擔心鋼在長期戶外下的生銹風險
  • Polywood handle and table top for wood feeling without the risk of natural wood decay 鋼塑木扶手及桌面,給予木質感但不需擔心天然木的自然腐化
  • Changable outdoor approved fabric with high density foam inside for your outdoor comfort. Seating part of the sofa is a comfy 13cm thick 可換式戶外布料套, 內含高密度彈性綿。座墊為舒適度高的13CM厚
  • 10 year limited warranty on frame 10年結構保用
  • Fabric is able to hold up onto outdoor elements for some extent. If items are not stored under shade, the direct sunlight will create color fades and fabric's water repellent properties will be compromised. 戶外布套只能提供有限度的保護。若產品並非儲存在有蓋位置, 直射陽光會導致布套變色和減少防水性能。
  • 25-35 days from order to delivery 由確認定單起計25-35日送貨

Rugged Outdoor sofa single seater Made-To-Order 堅固戶外梳化單人位訂製

SKU: OL062-1
Color of Polywood 塑木顏色
  • The product will be produced according to your preferred colour therefore return nor refund will not be accepted, if there is not an issue of product quality. Qualified person will guarantee the product's quality on delivery