• 60 X 67 X 95 (W X D X H) in cm Lid closed 未開蓋尺寸
  • Enamelled steel grill with easyflip technology for both direct and indirect grilling 搪瓷鑄鐵爐架並有EasyFlip技術作直燒或間燒選擇
  • Single burner 14,670BTU (4.3kWh) 單爐頭14,670BTU(4.3kWh)火力
  • Cooking Area 39.5cm diameter 可用燒烤範圍 39.5cm直徑
  • Come with adapter to fit rubber hose in HK LPG regulator standard. It is by HK law to hire a registered LPG installer to perform the installation. Check https://www.emsd.gov.hk/ for LPG supplier in your neigborhood. An on site installation service will cost about HKD 400 with hose, plus a regulator at HKD 100 (Shell Gas LPG), these are not included with the purchase of this product.
  • 附帶所需的零件接駁香港規格的氣體軟管。香港法例規定需由註冊技工安裝爐具, 詳情請到https://www.emsd.gov.hk/ 找尋你就近的氣體供應商。上門安裝費用大概HKD400連喉管,減壓閥HKD100 (Shell gas). 產品價格不包含以上安裝及配件。
  • On calculations a small tank 8KG net weight LPG can last as long as 20 hours for full flame, making your bbq cost low and easy 理論上細罐裝8KG石油氣可以連續使用20小時, 大幅降低燒烤燃料成本
  • 1 year warranty 一年保用
  • CSA certified that accepted by EMSD of HK 香港機電署認可的北美CSA認證

European Outdoorchef minichef Single burner 歐州戶外爐單爐頭

SKU: OC420
  • The product will be shipped from factory directly after order confirmation therefore return nor refund will not be accepted, if there is not an issue of product quality.