• Table size 桌子尺寸: 90X90X76 cm (WXDXH)
  • 4 pcs end chairs with armrest 4張帶扶手椅: 54.5X51X88 cm(WXDXH)
  • Aluminium frame with brushed finished for stainless steel feeling without the risk of rust on steel 磨砂鋁架做成不銹鋼質感,卻不需擔心鋼在長期戶外下的生銹風險
  • Polywood seat panels and table top for wood feeling without the risk of natural wood decay 鋼塑木坐椅及桌面,給予木質感但不需擔心天然木的自然腐化
  • 10 year limited warranty on frame for household applications 10年結構保用(家庭用途)
  • 25-35 days from order to delivery 由確認定單起計25-35日送貨

EDGE Outdoor Square Dining set of 5 pieces Made-To-Order EDGE戶外方餐桌椅5件套裝

Color of Polywood 塑木顏色
  • The product will be produced according to your preferred colour therefore return nor refund will not be accepted, if there is not an issue of product quality. Qualified person will guarantee the product's quality on delivery