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  • Detachable cable required and not included 需接上IEC Type 2充電線
  • IEC 61851 certified Mode 3 charger IEC 61851認證充電模式3充電器
  • IP65 certified for outdoor placement IP65戶外規格
  • Body dimensions: 380X170X200mm (without cable)
  • OCPP 1.6J required third party platform and internet to control the charger OCPP 需要額外配置控制平台及網絡
  • RFID function incorporated but can be disabled during installation. RFID 拍卡功能(可關閉成插線啟動)
  • RDC-DD (6mA) built-in to protect against not only AC leakage but also smooth DC leakage 使用RDC-DD (6mA)防止充電時有交流或直流漏電,比單獨A類水氣制更加安全
  • Built in emergency stop button and leakage test button 內置緊急停止及漏電保護測驗按鈕
  • 7KW charging can top up an empty Hyundai Kona battery (39.2kwh) by about 6 hours 7KW 中速充電器大概可於6小時充滿一個39.2KWH 電池,每小時充電有56KM 續航( 以KONA 12.5KWH/100KM 計)
  • Flame-retardant Polycarbonated Housing for lowest chance of electric shock compare to metal housing 阻燃級PC 主體減低金屬主體的觸電風險
  • According to HKSAR EMSD, EV charging facilities are fixed electrical installations and shall comply with the relevant requirements of the Electricity Ordinance (Cap.406) and its subsidiary Regulations. 電動車輛充電設施是固定電力裝置,必須符合《電力條例》(第406 章)及其附屬規例的相關規定
  • Electrical work on EV charging facilities including design, installation, commissioning, inspection, testing, maintenance, modification and repairing shall be carried out by registered electrical contractors and
    registered electrical workers of the appropriate grade.電動車輛充電設施的電力工程,包括設計、安裝、校驗、檢查、測試、 維修、改裝及修理,均須由註冊電業承辦商及適當級別的註冊電業工程人員進行
  • Decency Living is a registered electrical contractor and can appoint the appropriate grade of registered electrical workers to perform EV charger installations 本公司為註冊電業承辦商並能委派適當級別的註冊電業工程人員進行此類固定充電設施之安裝工程
  • ONE Year product warranty 一年產品保用

7KW EVSE socket version 單相掛牆中速充電器插座款

  • The listed price included delivery within Hong Kong SAR, with the exception of outskirt islands or upper floor without elevator access. Extra delivery costs shall be applied for these situations. 


  • Customer who opt to pay by bank deposit or HSBC PayMe, please make payment after order confirmation and we will deliver the product within 28 days.

    For Credit card payment, payment will be processed when the product is ready to be shipped. 

    客戶選擇銀行過數, 匯豐銀行PayMe或支付寶香港: 請在訂單確認後付定金. 我們會在28日內配送


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